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Yingjie (Jacky) Yu

Cookery Level 5

What made you decide to study with us?
I wanted to develop my cooking skills, and I had heard NSIA was the best place to do that.

What are the highlights of your course?
Being the class representative in my first year during our practical classes was my highlight. This meant I was basically a Sous Chef and I would help the tutor with bench allocations, cleaning duties and other kitchen management. I really enjoyed the management side of running the kitchen.

As I was already working at Ostro as a Kitchen Hand, I was able to pass my experience onto my class mates. It was a good feeling being able to help out my colleagues.

What is your current job, and role?
I’m working for multiple Michelin-starred chef, Josh Emett, at Ostro Restaurant in Auckland. I’m the Commis Chef

How did you get the job?
I knew Ostro was the type of restaurant I wanted to work in, so I went myself and gave them my CV. I think they could see my enthusiasm, and can do attitude and they gave me an opportunity.

What are the highlights of your job?
I spent five months being a kitchen hand, so I could understand how the kitchen ran. From there I continued to develop my kitchen and cooking skills, and perfecting my techniques so I could be a good chef.

How valuable have the services of the NSIA Careers Employment team been to you?
They were very helpful, and told me a lot information around the laws of working in New Zealand. This gave me confidence that I could check anything with them if I wasn’t sure. It was great to have them as a support and knowing they were there if I needed advice.

What are you goals for the future?
I want to stay in New Zealand and manage a restaurant, or have my own restaurant.