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Shang Guan Ya Ju (Key)

Certificate of Cookery Level 4

•    Name: Shang Guan Ya Ju (Key)

How has your course at NSIA helped you?

I have learnt so much. It has taught me the importance of working in a safe area. I’m also aware of the importance of hygiene. These things are really important when you’re working in the kitchen.

Where are you working now? And what is your role?

The Cordis, which was previously the Langham Hotel. I’m working in Pastry which I love.

What does your work involve?

I’m making different kinds of cakes, lots of experimenting and designing.

What is the most exciting aspect of your job?

I love to learn and try new things. I’ve always wanted to learn about pastry cooking….. and now I’m doing it! It’s a great feeling.

Did your course at NSIA live up to your expectations?

Yes, just like in the School (NSIA) Expectation course outline was explained to me. I was very happy with what I learnt.

How did you feel when you were coming to NSIA?

I was excited - it is a great school! My tutor was brilliant, the students were supportive and friendly….. and the support from NSIA was fantastic. 

What were the highlights of your course?

I particularly like the practice classes… it gave me a great grounding for real life.

Have you won any awards or competitions?

Not yet.. but I want to!

How did your NSIA training help you?

The classes were perfect… the practical and theory classes prepared me really well for the industry.

What is one life lesson you learnt during your study and work?

Cooking takes preparation and patience. My motto is to never give up!