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Pyeongkang (Peace)

Hospitality Management Level 5

What were you doing before coming to study with us?
Before I came to NSIA, I was studying languages, and wondering what my next step might be.

What made you decide to study with us? 
NSIA is so well known for great courses, that my family and agent recommended I study here. It has been a great experience.

What are/were the highlights of your course?
I was so happy to receive my Licence Controller Qualification. This is required to become a duty manager when serving alcohol. It’s required by law, so it’s a great qualification to have.

What is your current job?
My current role is as a Bartender at SkyCity in Auckland

How did you get the job?
My agent Jess works at NSIA and she put me forward for this job at SkyCity. I was really excited about getting the opportunity and then of course getting the job!

What are the highlights of your job?
The highlight is working in one of the most famous hotels in Auckland. It is an amazing building, the highest in Auckland and I feel very proud to be working there.

How valuable have the services of the Careers & Employment teams been to you?
I really appreciated their help in finding me this amazing job. They were very patient and kind to me when I was hoping to find work. They were always positive and kept me feeling good that I would find a job.

What are your goals for the future?
To improve my communications skills and be able to manage customers expertly.