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Aakash Chavan

New Zealand Diploma in Cookery (Advanced) Level 5

Aakash Chavan has always had keen interest in cookery. After studying hospitality and tourism in India, he moved to New Zealand to pursue culinary studies at NSIA and launch his career as a chef. 

Why did you choose NSIA?

NSIA has a reputation for excellence and their programmes offer real value for money. Having the opportunity to specialise in cookery was a real drawcard, and I am loving it. The course is very interesting and I’m learning a lot of new cookery techniques.  The way the lectures are conducted and the practical knowledge we are given is superb. I’ve learnt about food hygiene and have mastered all the kitchen basics. The course covers everything really well – from fish and meat, to pasta, soup and stocks. 

What employment opportunities have you had in New Zealand?

My first part-time job was at the Windsor Castle Parnell, and from there I went to the Grand Millennium Auckland. Now I have a great job as a demi chef de partie at the Jervois Rd Wine Bar & Kitchen. I love my job. I handle the mains, fryer and larder sections and get to prep, create and serve superb food to our guests. 

How has what you have learnt at NSIA helped you in the workplace?

The techniques and knowledge I have gained at NSIA has been invaluable. They prepare students to succeed in today’s kitchens and teach us how to make both modern dishes and old-fashioned favourites that people still love today. To be successful as a chef you need to have both theoretical knowledge and practical skills – NSIA gives a really good balance of this, and without them, I don’t think I would have been so successful.

Jervois Rd Wine Bar & Kitchen

Jervois Rd Wine Bar & Kitchen is a relaxed local bar and eatery in the heart of exclusive Auckland neighbourhood Herne Bay. Food is inspired by modern European cuisine using fresh, local ingredients. Diners are encouraged to drop in and enjoy shared plates with first-class wines, craft beers and unique tea-infused cocktails.