Vo Thi Anh Thu (Alicia) and NSIA trainer Elie Briguet
Vo Thi Anh Thu (Alicia) and NSIA trainer Elie Briguet

Vo Thi Anh Thu (Alicia)

Diploma in Hospitality Management Level 5

Alicia started a NSIA Diploma in Hospitality Management (Level 5) in April 2016 and was selected to represent NSIA at the NZ Chefs Regional and National Salons 2016.

Alicia competed in Classic Table Setting Training for both the competitions and won two gold medals. In the National Competitions, she also won top of Category.

Starting as a newbie of NSIA at Block 1, I did not have any knowledge of table setting or the hospitality industry. Being part of the Classic Table Setting Team a.k.a #teamawesome, I have learnt so much. We worked hard and all of our efforts paid off.

I was a bit nervous before the competition because our journey was close to the end. During the competition, I kept reminding myself that this experience was going to end soon, and to just do my best and I will have no regrets later on. I am very grateful to have had a trainer like Elie. I really respect the way he applies himself in what he is doing without any complaints and never gives up.

– Alicia

Alicia has made significant progress. She started as a student at NSIA in April this year and has risen to ‘Top of Category Gold Medal’ in a New Zealand National competition.

During our training sessions and the competition, her positive characteristics really shone. She's confident, ambitious, a team player, optimistic, persistent, reliable, passionate and a perfectionist.

– Elie Briguet, NSIA Tutor

Vo Thi Anh Thu (Alicia) and NSIA trainer Elie Briguet