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Elementary ESOL Training Scheme

Course Overview

The Elementary ESOL Training Scheme is for people wishing to build on basic literacy skills in English and improve fluency and comprehension. It will allow you to converse with minimal autonomy in everyday, basic situations.

Course content

 You will:

  • Gain the skills that will allow you to deal with basic everyday situations in English
  • Focus on all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing)
  • Develop an understanding and talk about personal
  • information and everyday topics
  • Read and write simple sentences or short stories. 

Entry Requirements

  • There are no academic requirements for this Level 1 training scheme
  • Students 17 years old and above may enroll to study for any period from 4 -48 weeks, and start any Monday of any week of the year (except if the Monday is a public holiday).

NSIA is a NZQA Category 1 provider which entitles students who study ESOL with us for 14 weeks or longer work rights for up to 20 hours per week.

All level of ESOL are NZQA accredited and approved.


20 hours per week


Successful students may apply these skills directly to real-life situations to survive in the wider English speaking community, or go on to develop these skills further in the next level of ESOL training.

Students may enrol from 4 to 48 weeks.

Course Costs

  • Contact the international team for course costs