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Connect Career Service

Hospitality Network at NSIA

Connect is a free support service that helps to introduce students to the New Zealand workforce during and after their studies. Connect works closely with New Zealand’s leading industry partners to create opportunities for our students with their transition into employment in New Zealand.

Connect assists students with finding employment during their studies at NSIA and also arranges work experience programmes, volunteer work and work opportunities for students during special events. Connect acts as a liaison between industry and NSIA to provide students for special events (such as The Lewisham Awards and Auckland Seafood Festival) throughout the year to showcase our student’s skills and ability in the industry.

Connect maintains a formal arrangement with multiple different hospitality establishments in and around Auckland to provide work experience programmes for our students. These programmes provide a fantastic base to build confidence and skills within their chosen industry with the support of a professional.

Connect workshops are held with each class, on a term-by-term basis, covering interview and communication skills, employment law basics and the art of networking. These are all structured against a hospitality backdrop to continuously develop students’ employability skills and keep them updated with industry trends and news.

Connect helps by:

  • Providing CV and cover letter preparation tailored to the New Zealand industry
  • Giving interview and preparation tips
  • Posting job advertisements daily on campus 
  • Setting up one-on-one meetings to identify suitable job opportunities 
  • Assisting with identifying key skills and career pathways  
  • Scheduling job interviews with trusted employers 
  • Providing up-to-date information on employment law and agreements 
  • Supporting students through the NSIA Alumni group for full-time employment opportunities upon graduation

NSIA Connect Team 

Luis Paulo Santana De Mattos
021 1928 675

Location: NSIA - Level 4, 100 Symonds Street, Auckland City
Website: connectcareers.co.nz
Facebook: facebook.com/NorthShoreInternationalAcademy

Employer enquires

Connect enjoys an excellent relationship with the industry, with a number of employers calling Connect daily with new staffing requirements.

If you are an employer looking for staff for your establishment, please feel free to contact the Connect team directly. The information provided by you is compared to students work experience, percentage of course completed and tutor recommendations before the candidate is referred for the role.

E: rebekah.manning@acgedu.com

Ph: 09 4423456 ext. 271