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NSIA warmly welcomes you to the world of hospitality training, co-founded by Otto Groen QSM, the pioneer of New Zealand Hospitality Industry, NSIA has attained a solid reputation endorsed by achieving the coveted National Training Excellence Award for eight consecutive years from 2006 to 2013. In 2014, NSIA took away a coveted Gold Medal for Front of House at the prestigious Nestle Toque d'Or and in 2014, a Silver Medal for the kitchen team at the 25th anniversary of this prestigious competition.*

We have also won Westpac Excellence in Business Awards for Hospitality & Tourism, Best Emerging business and Marketing.

We are committed to the intellectual, personal, and professional growth of our students through dedication to excellence in teaching and training. NSIA has a multi-resource environment to facilitate students’ learning and provides state of the art facilities to enhance the success of our students. We aim to achieve global excellence in the sustained preparation of students for the futures they aspire to achieve.

You will enjoy a truly international and multicultural environment, make friends and develop a network with your fellow students from over 30 different nationalities. We are honoured to welcome you to our Academy and look forward to helping you to create a wonderful future.

*Both years, NSIA was the only Private Training Establishment in NZ invited to participate.

World Class Training Programmes

NSIA offers a variety of world class training programmes in both hospitality management and culinary studies and is committed to providing quality, creative and professional education in the hospitality domain. Drawing knowledge and experiences from a diverse range of industry associations, NSIA is able to deliver a contemporary and innovative teaching approach.


To support student learning the Academy provides all relevant educational facilities and required resources. These include commercial training kitchens, production kitchen, cocktail and wine training centre, coffee training centre, an on-site training restaurant, commercial bar & restaurant, library, computer labs and multi-functional classrooms. The Academy constantly attempts to gain feedback from students about their learning needs and upgrades its facilities and increases the supply of resources to meet growing demands.

Major Achievements

  • 2014 Nestle Toque d'Or Front of House Gold Medal
  • 2013 NZ Culinary Fare Training Excellence Award Winner
  • 2012 NZ Culinary Fare Training Excellence Award Winner
  • 2011 NZ Culinary Fare Training Excellence Award Winner
  • 2010 NZ Culinary Fare Training Excellence Award Winner
  • 2009 NZ Culinary Fare Training Excellence Award Winner
  • 2008 NZ Culinary Fare Training Excellence Award Winner
  • 2007 NZ Culinary Fare Training Excellence Award Winner
  • 2006 NZ Culinary Fare Training Excellence Award Winner
  • 2010 Westpac Business Excellence Winner (Excellence in Marketing)
  • 2009 Westpac Business Excellence Winner (Best Emerging Business)
  • 2006 Westpac Business Excellence Winner (Excellence in Hospitality & Tourism)

(SAC) funding from the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). We are pleased that our investment plan for 2013 has been approved by the TEC. If you are interested in knowing more information about our investment plan, please send your request to .